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Design, consulting, commissioning, training, and supply of building intelligent equipment from world well-known brands, along with international certificates in the field of Home and Building Automation Systems.

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About TICO

It was in early 2007 when Tanootas International (TICO) began its activities in smart-home and building management systems after years of presence in trading various commodities.

From the beginning, the credo, which has become the cornerstone of our activities, has been to supply the clients with the best possible products and provide 1st class after-sales services to assure premium performance. Along with obtaining several globally acknowledged certifications, such as KNX Worldwide Standards. 

Projects Procedure

Initial visit
Initial visit
At first, Tico experts visited the site of building project to observe the progress of construction operations as well as electrical installations. Also, following the meeting with the employer and project officials, first of all, the complete explanation about the brands and intelligent technical system capabilities are provided. Then, the relevant expert notes the esteemed costumer requests and reports the company.
Following the requests of the esteemed employer and based on the experience of Tico experts, the technical and financial proposals of the project are prepared. Offering several different proposals causes the project employers to be able to compare different proposals in terms of the brand type, switch appearance, thermostats, and so on and observe the cost of each design, simultaneously. The provision of the technical proposal and that of the financial proposal are free.
Signing a contract
At the end, the esteemed buyer chooses a proposal among others. This proposal is verified by the esteemed employer in terms of technical capabilities and cost. Next, after observing all technical and vocational principles, entering the payment conditions, offering delivery time of equipment, and specifying the time duration of the project implementation, the draft contract is given to the employer. At last, the contract is signed with the consent of two parties.
Design and engineering
Design and engineering
After signing a contract with the esteemed employer, technical and engineering services are begun. So, during a few meetings, the electricity operator is trained how to implement the infrastructure of smart electricity installations. Then, essential instructions are given to him/her. According to the various implementation of the smart system, the general electrical system of executive plans is also improved by the technical team of Tico company.
Device supply
According to the mentioned goods in the agreement between two parties, the commercial unit of the company registers the orders from the relevant companies as soon as possible. After depositing and transferring the funds to the accounts of relevant companies, the process of device supply and then their delivery are begun with the valid cargo. The company staff do more efforts to deliver the goods in advance of arranged time.
Installing and starting up the software intelligent equipment is started approximately after completion of the building operation. The software program of the intelligent system is designed at first in the company and then downloaded on the devices in-person. After downloading completely, the performance of the system is checked by the technical experts and eliminated from any possible flaws.
Training and delivery
Training and delivery
After ensuring the correct performance of the intelligent system devices, it is time to deliver it to the esteemed buyer. At the same time, it is trained how to operate the system too. This training is done by the provided training guide and at the end of the training, this guide is given to the employer to refer to it when a problem happens or the lack of information about the system performance exists.
Professional support
Professional support
Supporting, maintaining, and repairing the components in the future are always of an intelligent system customer concerns. Tico company has tried to maintain connection with projects after delivery and installation to respond to customers as soon as possible. Sometimes after 6 months, projects are recommended to sign a contract with the support team.

Projects Procedure

خانه هوشمند برای واحدهای مسکونیAdvantages of a smart residential unit:

  • Integrated intelligent lighting, electric curtains, and cooling/heating systems.
  • Lighting control of dim type and execution of lighting scenarios in accordance with the decoration.
  • Increasing security with door and window magnets and multifunctional motion sensors.
  • Touch screen with intelligent system software and built-in iPhone video panel.
  • Controlling all electrical equipment with a mobile application inside and outside the building.
  • Scenarios for turning off all lights and fan-coils when leaving home or resting.
  • Applying weekly schedule for opening and closing electric curtains.
  • Executing smart system commands with Alexa and Google play voice assistants.

Remote control from outside

Today, due to the advancement of the technology and the development of the world internet platform, the idea of remote monitoring and control of a building has been become to reality. The presence of several graphical applications for types of smartphones has been caused to monitor and control the security and electrical systems of a building from everywhere around the world.

So, this attractive capability causes the more people to use building intelligent systems and pay for building intelligent costs. From a small unit to large commercial and residential complexes can benefit from this capability in accordance with their needs. For example, these facilities can involve viewing live images of a residential building parking and monitoring all lightings and engine room facilities of a large complex.

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