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Design, consulting, commissioning, training, and supply of building intelligent equipment from world well-known brands, along with international certificates in the field of Home and Building Automation Systems.

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About TICO

It was in early 2007 when Tanootas International (TICO) began its activities in smart-home and building management systems after years of presence in trading various commodities.

From the beginning, the credo, which has become the cornerstone of our activities, has been to supply the clients with the best possible products and provide 1st class after-sales services to assure premium performance. Along with obtaining several globally acknowledged certifications, such as KNX Worldwide Standards. 

Projects Procedure

Initial visit
Initial visit
To begin the project, Tico’s experts visit the site of the project to observe the progress made in construction operations as well as the electrical installations. At the same time conducting a briefing meeting with the project owner and project managers to give a complete and thorough explanation about the smart systems, their capabilities and various brands available while receiving the project’s requirements from their side. Then, an expert’s report on the client’s requests and needs is made out as the basis for proposal preparation.
Upon determination of the client’s requirements, a comprehensive technical and financial proposal containing various options, both financial and technical, for the project is prepared. The client is now in the position to make his final decision through comparing different options laid before him by comparing the cost, quality, appearance and function offered for each option. It should be noted that making a proposal is free of charge for all potential clients
Signing a contract
Once the esteemed client chooses a particular solution, among all on offer, and a firm agreement is made on the technical specification, total cost of project, terms of payment and delivery date. Then a formal and binding contract is drawn out accordingly, and signed by the parties concerned.
Design and engineering
Design and engineering
After signing the contract, the technical and engineering phase of the project begins. Thus; through regular meetings with the electricians, in charge of the electric power side of the building, instructions on construction of the electrical infrastructure required for the Smart Home and building management installations are presented. This, of course, is carried out by handing over comprehensive and detailed drawings to the people involved in said part of the project.
As per the requirements of the project, various components and materials are duly ordered to the established suppliers of the agreed brands. Obviously, at all times, a proper follow up of the commercial and financial side of the procurement process is conducted by TICO.
As the actual construction of the building nears its completion, the work on the software side of the intelligent equipment commences. The basic design of the software is completed at TICO’s office and duly downloaded onto the devices by TISCO’s knowledgeable personnel.
Training and delivery
Training and delivery
After ensuring the correct performance of the intelligent system devices, the hand-over of the whole system to the esteemed buyer is carried out. At the same time, an in depth training session on operation and basic maintenance of the equipment is conducted for the users and operators of the system. Upon the completion of the said training course a booklet containing the points discussed during the course and also a troubleshooting checklist is submitted to the client to insure the smooth operation of the system as the time goes by.
Professional support
Professional support
Naturally, the maintenance and probable repairs in the normal life of a system is always clients’ concern. TICO has tried to maintain its connection with the clients and has always been available and responsive to their needs at the shortest possible notice. It would be a very good policy for the project owners to sign a support & maintenance contract with our team as the guarantee period, typically 6 months, for the system expires.

Projects Procedure

خانه هوشمند برای واحدهای مسکونیAdvantages of a smart residential unit:

  • Economic gains in the cost of electricity by integrated intelligent lighting, curtains, and cooling/heating systems.
  • Lighting control of dim type and execution of lighting scenarios in accordance with the decoration.
  • Increasing the security level of the building by installing the door & window magnets and multifunctional motion sensors.
  • Touch screen with intelligent system software and built-in iPhone video panel.
  • Controlling all electrical equipment with a mobile application from the inside and outside of the building.
  • Scenarios for turning off all lights and fan-coils when leaving home or resting.
  • Applying weekly schedule for opening and closing electric curtains.
  • Executing smart system commands with Alexa and Google play voice assistants.

Remote Control from Distance

Now days, due to the advancement of the technology and the development of the worldwide internet network, the idea of remote monitoring and control of a building has become a reality. The presence of several graphical applications for various types of smartphones, has enabled us to monitor and control the security and electrical systems of a building from anywhere around the globe.

Thus; this amazing capability has made more people to seek building intelligent systems and pay for building intelligent costs. Bing a small private unit or a large commercial or residential complex, all can benefit from this know-how in line with their needs.

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